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Global oil market: specifiс medium-term and long-term trends and factors

Тopic Global oil market: specifiс medium-term and long-term trends and factors
Publication date 01.12.2015
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Research description

The research is devoted to key factors influencing global oil market within medium-term and long-term period. The report covers:

1) key indicators of the global oil market including supply, demand and prices;
2) basic areas of oil consumption and their technological, economic and ecological prospects, especially those referring to motor fuels and MTBE;
3) alternative sources of energy which could replace oil as well as their comparative analysis including economic, ecological, technological and geopolitical aspects.

The report covers the following aspects: proven oil reserves and their regional structure, oil production and its regional structure, trends of global oil consumption and its regional structure, global consumption forecasts and prospects of main consumers, oil production in Russia, its dynamics and forecasts, pricing, petrochemical production, its prospects and dynamics, alternative fuels, LNG and CNG global markets and their prospects and others.

The research is based on Russian and foreign publications and statistical sources (mainly published in 2014-2015) and contains long-term forecasts of global oil market up to 2030-2035.